There was once a time when a smartphone was the most important device in anyone’s life, but as the reach of consumer technology grew, most users today are tethered to a number of battery-powered gadgets: phones, wearables, tablets, computers, and more. Adding to the complexity of a multi-connected world, each of these devices come with their own separate cables, charging adaptors, and I/O options, making it difficult to travel or even live with your favorite family of hardware. To bring order to the chaos, AUKEY has a new line of Dynamic Detect chargers that can juice up multiple devices at one time.

AUKEY’s Dynamic Detect technology on dual-port chargers allows for a central current to be directed through a single port when one device is charging and to be split between both ports when multiple devices are plugged in. Coming in 30W, 36W, 60W, and 63W flavors with either two USB-C inputs, or one USB-C and one USB 2.4A input, these chargers push power via the industry-leading USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard, enabling accelerated charging on compatible phones, tablets, and computers.

The best PD solution to charge laptops and phones simultaneously

The flagship PA-D5 Dynamic Detect wall charger‘s 63W of maximum power routed to dual USB-C ports make it the ultimate charging solution for most combinations of mobile devices and laptops. In fact, the PA-D5 could effectively charge your favorite smartphone and a Chromebook or MacBook Pro at the same time. The PA-D5 also includes GaN power tech that ensures efficient power delivery to one or more plugged-in devices, lighting-fast charging via Omni-Power, and foldable prongs for maximum portability.

How to purchase your AUKEY Dynamic Detect wall chargers

The full line of AUKEY Dynamic Detect wall chargers are available for purchase now. In addition to the flagship PA-D5, AUKEY sells a range of lower-watt USB-C and USB-C/USB-A models to meet a variety of needs and price points.

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