The announcement of Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit has turned plenty of heads this week. Even if it doesn’t end up being Wear OS’s salvation, it could be a herald for bigger changes in the wearable ecosystem. Whether you see that ecosystem as vibrant or stagnant is a matter of personal opinion, but there is a decent selection to choose from. So, do you use a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or other wearable “smart” device?

Although the smartphone market has been in decline over the last couple of years, the smartwatch market is still actively growing here in North America. It’s a competitive business, as well, with a wide range of products and prices catered to. Even just within certain company product lines (like Garmin and Misfit), products can cover a range from”hybrid” devices that merge activity tracking with a traditional watch, fitness-oriented models meant for durability, and full-on smartwatches with touchscreens and apps.

Long ago, in the early days of wearables, we asked if you owned a smartwatch at all, and a surprising number of you did. Today there’s a wide variety of devices, but among the options below, what are you using — if you’re using a wearable at all? We know some of you are as capricious as we are, so select all that apply if you use more than one.

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