Great news for Haunted House Experience game users! AIXLAB, the pioneer VR and video content producer, hinted at the release of its VR Haunted House Experience titled “Haunted VR Game Ep.1 Kyungbuk, Youngdeok.” An offline version of “Haunted House VR Game Ep. 1” was supplied to Korea’s LBE (Location-based Entertainment) market. The game received positive reviews from the audience and it was found that users ‘screamed’ in both domestic and international experience centers, proving the game to be effective in spooking its users.

Winner of Next Generation Game Contents

in 2018 Korea’s Game Award

The game won the Next-Generation Game Content in Korea Games held in November 2018, proving its popularity. However, since the offline market restricts the experience to a short amount of time, the service is limited. But the VR game released on Steam stays more faithful to the original plan with several elements bound to increase the user’s levels of fear.

The game depicts one of the three major haunted houses in Korea located at Yeongdeok in North Gyeongsang Province. It attracted a lot of attention as it lets users enjoy a VR experience of a haunted house that everyone wants to visit but are not brave enough to actually go. Besides its realistic graphics, the game is unique because unlike its competitors it lets users lift surrounding objects.

After the first episode, the “Haunted House VR” series will be followed by VR videos on connected attraction simulators, selective VR movies, and another episode. The VR package will be an omniverse plot where an investigation takes place to uncover the mystery behind suspicious organizations and victims left behind the haunted house will spread across 3 episodes with 9 contents.

Hwang Kwab Hwan, the CEO of AIXLAB, led the development of haunted house VR project. He said that unlike any typical gaming companies, they are designers who think about content to attract users and let them immerse themselves in the content. Although small, the goal is to create its own color and value. Hwang is confident that Haunted House VR would allow users to immerse themselves into an element of “fear.”

The pricing is at $4.99 (North America) on Steam. The full version is still in development with the target release in January 2020.

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