Chris Brown invited his more than 80 million followers on Instagram and Twitter to his home for a two-day yard sale on Wednesday and Thursday.

Posting his real address of 19602 Citrus Ridge Drive, Tarzana, in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, fans were able to go through his clothes “featuring significantly marked-down high end designer items”.


Despite his generosity, Brown didn’t allow people into his six-bedroom, six and a half bath home. Instead they were only allowed on his driveway to rifle through his clothes.

The sale didn’t disappoint, with brands such as Versace, Gucci, Supreme and Jordan all on display, as items were sold with price tags as low as US$10.

One shopper, who says he found clothes all in his size, spent US$470 on his way to filling up a couple bags with some “old school Tommy, old school Nike, some Supreme, some limited-edition dunks, stuff like that.”

Others were there as a way to make some extra money on the resale market.

One shopper, when asked what she was going to buy, responded, “Probably clown shoes after standing in this line”.

With hundreds showing up, some even lining up as early 4 a.m. the first day and others spending the night in front of his home for Day 2, Brown organized a system. The controversial R&B singer let in 20 people at a time for 10 minutes for the “first come first served” yard sale that ran between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Along with the clothes, some were treated to extra surprises. One shopper says she found some weed in the pocket of Brown’s hoodie, while another claims to have found a dental grill in his shirt pocket. Shoppers were also treated to some free ice cream.

To showcase the yard sale, Brown also documented the two-day event over his Instagram, which includes a brief appearance he made to greet the crowd in the parking lot of his California home.

The massive crowd outside led to complaints from neighbours and from the LAPD, who tried to shut down the event as early as Tuesday night, moments after he posted about the yard sale on Instagram, according to TMZ. 

But everyone who complained should know that the event was at least for a good cause. According to $5 million on, and sits on 0.75 acres of land. With more than 8,300 square feet of living space, it offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains. From the master bedroom, Brown gets a view of the valley through his floor to ceiling glass windows.

Some extra features in the home include a theater with 14 reclining seats to enjoy the 120-inch screen TV, stone and hardwood floors, mahogany wood doors, and a saltwater pool. The estate has a reputation as a smart home that’s incorporated solar technology, and also features 16 security cameras that surely kept their eye on visitors throughout the two-day yard sale.