The third generation of wearable for seniors can now detect changes in daily activities and behavioral patterns, predicting the probability of health declines in advance.

FREMONT, CA: The leading AI-powered preventive senior care platform, CarePredict, has launched the third generation of their smart wearable, CarePredict Tempo™ Series 3, which is an array of sensors, machine learning, indoor location data, and sophisticated gesture recognition algorithms to determine an individual’s activity and behavior patterns and predict the possibility of health declines in advance. Tempo Series 3 detects the earliest signs of health declines in seniors, which appear as subtle variations in daily activity and behavior patterns. It is an over-reliance on human research when it comes to detecting these changes.   

Tempo increases human observation with machine sensing and learning by continually observing and alerting on the differences in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like showering, eating, walking, cooking, sleeping, and toileting. The latest generation of Tempo now has advanced sensors that include an extremely advanced motion sensor for gesture recognition and a connected heart rate and pulse oximetry sensor using the best technology. Tempo Series 3 uses CarePredict’s proprietary two-way voice technology like its predecessor, enabling seniors to communicate with their caregivers, near and far, directly through their wrist-worn wearable. Along with CarePredict’s Context beacons, it provides room-level location accuracy and location-based insights and is integrated with RFID for electronic door access.

CarePredict is an AI-driven digital health organization, aiming to develop technologies, offering exceptional senior care. The company was formed to solve the difficulty of providing care for the swelling ranks of seniors around the globe at a time when the number of caregivers and monetary resources to support care is mitigating. CarePredict is enthusiastic about senior care, helping seniors age independently with a safety net afforded by technology. CarePredict’s patented solution uses advanced remote sensing technologies, user-friendly dashboards, and deep-machine learning to continuously observe, learn, and trigger just-in-time care for seniors.