Ever since Red Dead Redemption 2 was released last year, some fans have been trying to find Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister, a missing person who is mentioned repeatedly in the game but (until now) never seen. Now that PC players can dig through the game’s code, though, she’s been found.

Observant players might have seen these posters in the game, offering a reward for her “safe return” after going missing during a “Royal Visit” in 1884:

She never actually turns up in the game, despite there also being several NPCs who discuss the search and reward, which made her character appear to be a rather strange red herring.

Until now! PC players have found a player model tucked away in the game’s files called “IKZ”, and who has birthmarks on her right hand and right cheek. I know, the poster says left cheek, but between the birthmarks and her filename, it’s gotta be her.

It seems safe to assume that by having her player model in the game that at some point during development there were plans to actually have her feature, maybe as an actual sidequest, maybe just as an easter egg for observant players.

Regardless, we can now not only see what she looks like, but can import her as a player model as well.