Chilean salmon producer and processor Multiexport Foods is working to implement blockchain technology as part a traceability drive.

The aim of the initiative is to enable consumers to understand the origin of salmon they are buying by means of scanning a QR code, Rodrigo Rodriguez, CIO at Multiexport said.

Blockchain is one area the company has been working on under a digital transformation program established in 2017 with the aim of exploring and developing new technologies.

Under the plans blockchain and virtual reality applications are being brought in to modernize the production process.

Artificial intelligence and video systems are already helping to support the company’s process of feeding salmon at sea via a remote feeding facility, which allows the operation and control of marine farming centers from central offices.

The salmon farmer set up a laboratory to trial the benefits of artificial intelligence, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

Neither Rodriguez or a company spokesperson commented on whether the initiative expected to help the company save or make money.

But executives at Massachusetts-based Raw Seafoods last month said a decision to deploy blockchain technology in their operations is driven by a desire to boost food safety, sustainability, combat fraud and encourage the public to eat more seafood by winning their trust.