INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — See it, feel it, touch it. A Central Indiana nonprofit is offering free in-home demonstrations of new technology designed to help Hoosiers living with disabilities.

“I think it’s remarkable, what it (smart home technology) can do,” said Brian Norton, director of assistive technology at Easterseals Crossroads.

The tech is designed to make life at home easier. Brandy Dickerson, who lives with cerebral palsy, understands the challenges Hoosiers living with disabilities face.

“I do have issues sometimes when I’m holding a coffee,” said Dickerson. “If it’s right at the brim, I’ll shake.”

“For folks who have difficulty with mobility in their home, being able to turn on lights, operate appliances, and do other things in and around their home, that can be a little bit difficult,” said Norton.

That’s why since 2007, Easterseals Crossroads uses federal dollars to make assistive technology more available to Hoosiers with disabilities.

“With smart home technology, you can allow them to voice-activate a lot of those things or switch-activate a lot of those things to make it easier for them to control,” Norton said.

The Easterseals will take a smart home kit to any home in the state, for free, and demonstrate what the tech can do, which means greater independence at home.

Dickerson works at Easterseals Crossroads, and showed News 8 how the tech works in the Easterseals Home Lab.

“Alexa, vacuum!” Dickerson said to the machine.

Sure enough, the vacuum started.

As the price of smart home technology goes down, Dickerson sees how this could help Hoosiers living with disabilities.

“Being able to turn on the microwave instead of asking someone else to go turn the microwave on for them. They don’t have to rely on other individuals for help,” added Dickerson.

If you’re interested, Easterseals said a lot of the tech can be borrowed from their lending library for at least 30 days. They’ll also help you find ways to buy it.

Click here for more information, or call Easterseals Crossroads at (888) 466-1314.