Black Friday is still a couple of weeks away but retailers are doing everything they can to get and keep your attention right now. For Walmart, that means releasing its ad now to tease Black Friday offers like a $129 Apple Watch Series 3, $99 Samsung Chromebook Series 3 or a 1080p 40-inch Roku Smart TV from its house brand onn. for $98.

Deals you can jump on starting today include a 512GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro for $599 — the lowest price we’ve seen. This is the 2017-era second generation model, so while it doesn’t come with newer features like FaceID or a USB-C connector, it still packs impressive power to multitask with Apple’s new iPad OS, and at this price its performance is hard to beat. At the time we originally reviewed it, two problems were that it was expensive and iOS 11 wasn’t out yet — those have now been addressed.

Buy 10.5-inch 512GB iPad Pro on Walmart – $599

If you have milder tablet aspirations, there’s also a 7-inch 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tab A available now for $78. Walmart has more pre-Black Friday deals planned for next Friday too, so stay tuned.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab A on Walmart – $78