Ron Dhaliwal, CTV News Toronto

Published Friday, November 15, 2019 4:45PM EST

Last Updated Friday, November 15, 2019 5:18PM EST

A home in Ajax has been renovated from top to bottom to include the latest smart home technology.

Located in the central-west area of Ajax, the 2451-sqaure-foot home has been fitted with special technology throughout the property, something that real estate agents think will attract prospective buyers.


The kitchen has numerous smart technology capabilities such as the motion sensor faucet, which includes an instant boil water tap. There is also a Bosh Super Silence Dishwasher that can be activated via phone or voice that runs off the Google Home technology. 

Other smart technology appliances installed in the home are the GE Profile Gas Range Stove, which has a temperature probe that allows you to cook your meat to the perfect temperature and provides a notification directly to your phone once the food is prepared.


The Samsung Smart Fridge has multiple smart features, with one of them being a built-in tablet that allows you to surf the Internet or watch YouTube. The fridge is also linked to the doorbell so you can view the person at the front door.

“This house was designed from the ground up to specifically to leverage technology to the fullest extent and build something futuristic, smart and finished with very nice features,” Century 21 sales representative Fahad Rehman said.


Throughout the home, every outlet has a fast-charging USB slot, the light switches turn on and off with voice command, all the washrooms have a LED Mirrors and speaker bath fans that can play music. 

You can also lock and unlock the front door with Google Home technology. 


“You need a Wi-Fi systems going to be able to handle all that kind of traffic but also give you the range everywhere in the house. If you have a weak signal you’re not going to be able to activate your smart devices,” Rehman said.

Rehman said smart technology is starting to become more popular in homes and sees it being the future of housing.