An article on Page 3 about offensive Halloween decorations hung in the window of a Brooklyn townhouse misspells the given name of a man who moved to Brooklyn from South Carolina after World War II. He is Curives Lorick Sr., not Corives. The article also misstates when the Rev. Kirsten Foy was the head of the Brooklyn chapter of the National Action Network. He is the previous head, not the current one.

An article on Page 8 about the casting of disabled actors in the role of Tiny Tim in a Broadway production of “A Christmas Carol” misstates Talleri McRae’s relationship to the National Disability Theater. She is a co-founder, not the artistic director.

Because of an editing error, the headline with an article on Nov. 3 about a revival of Anna Deavere Smith’s “Fires in the Mirror” misstated the number of characters that are in the play. It is 25, not 30. The article also referred incorrectly to one element of the violence in Crown Heights in 1991. While Hasidic anticrime patrols had at times been a source of tension with black residents, there are no indications that those patrols were involved in attacks after the death of Gavin Cato. And the article described incorrectly Michael Benjamin Washington’s role as related to the history of this play. He is one of the rare solo artists to perform the work, not the first.

The Modern Love column last Sunday, about a father’s midlife transition, misstated the year of an interview with Jennifer Finney Boylan on “Oprah.” It was 2003, not 2005.

An article last Sunday about artwork from the Burning Man festival misstated part of the name of a sculpture. It is “All Power to All People,” not “All Power to the People.” The article referred incorrectly to the sculpture’s size. It is 24 feet by 10 feet, not 20 feet tall. And the article misstated which version of the sculpture is on display in Portland, Ore. It is a smaller version, not the one that appeared at Burning Man (that larger version will tour the United States in 2020).

The Travel Tips article on Sept. 29, about how to make the most of bad destinations, misspelled the given name of a journalist who traveled to Russia. She is Hillary Eaton, not Hilary.

The Living In article last Sunday, about Fort Greene, Brooklyn, described incorrectly the Mark Morris Dance Center’s occupancy in its rehearsal space in Caesura, an apartment building. The group owns the rehearsal space; it does not lease it.

An article last Sunday about home surveillance technology described incorrectly the security camera service provided by Flock Safety. Flock Safety can view or access the footage from security cameras with the consent of its customers, but it does not monitor all footage.

An article last Sunday about smart home technology misstated the address of One United Nations Park. It is at 695 First Avenue, not 689 First Avenue.

A review last Sunday about the middle-grade novel “Beverly, Right Here” misstated the number of times the author, Kate DiCamillo, has won the Newbery Medal for children’s literature. She has won it twice, and she has also received a Newbery Honor. She is not a “three-time Newbery medalist.”

An article on Page 84 about teenagers and identity misspells the name of a video game. It is Fortnite, not Fortnight.

An Opinion essay last Sunday about war and immigration in the United States misidentified the specialty of the former Marine Ben Wormington. He was a fire support Marine, not a reconnaissance Marine.

Errors are corrected during the press run whenever possible, so some errors noted here may not have appeared in all editions.

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