Nashville, TN, Nov. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It is difficult to know where to begin, as Nashville’s number one marketing firm has been so busy in the start of the fourth quarter that we were lucky to get a chance to document their recent adventures. There has been not only one but two new managers promoted into the ProTenn Corporation, a week spent in Cancun and philanthropy events are lined up through the end of 2019. We dove into these past few weeks with the ProTenn team to figure out what’s expected to come in the next few months.

First and foremost, congratulations to Luis Santos and David Houser on their recent promotions! Houser trained alongside Andrew Barger, ProTenn founder, for several months as he worked his way up the chain. Recently, he has been incorporated into the company as a co-manager and has been given a client of his own to work with. “Putting my head down for a few months and getting to work has paid huge dividends; so worth it” said Houser, obviously focused on excelling in his new role. Santos, who is spearheading a smart home technology project, said that “ProTenn will soon be the top choice for every Fortune 50 and Fortune 10 client in Nashville. At the rate we are growing, there is no choice but to excel to the top of our industry.” Barger was also ecstatic to add the management addition to the executive side of the business. “This year was incredible, but 2020 will be exponentially more successful. I can’t wait!” said Barger when asked about his fourth quarter plans. Clearly, there is a new pace and energy in the conference room with this company which will certainly lead to a profitable end to 2019.

Secondly, due to such a successful year, a few of the firm’s clients pitched in to send the management team on an all-expenses paid trip to Cancun, Mexico. “We had an awesome experience. Dinners, meet and greets with our client’s CEO’s, festive events, I could go on and on.” said Barger. The recent word is that the clients have already booked a secondary trip to Cabo, and maybe even the Super Bowl! It is evident that the ProTenn employees are motivated to be a part of these expeditions, and who wouldn’t be? We will be sure to follow up on the details of these upcoming trips, and in regards to the Super Bowl, Go Titans!

Last but not least, the most recent charity for this group was the “Susan G. Komen, Walk for the Cure”, which was a 5K event to raise awareness for breast cancer. The Protenn account managers walked in the event and met several people involved in the planning of this charity in Nashville. Emily Copeland, top account manager, said that “This year was fun, but next year we would like to take action in planning the event as well as participating in it. That would mean a lot to our team and theirs.” The upcoming year seems to be an opportune time for ProTenn to cement its ties with the Nashville community.

Our news team plans to follow up with this group a few more times before the end of December, because there seems to be no shortage of things to talk about. We’ve gotten word of more charities that are already planned for the winter season, new clients that are waiting to be signed and much more. Again, congratulations to the new management team and here’s to a busy fourth quarter!

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