LONDON, Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Moixa, the UK based pioneer of smart battery and EV charging software, today announced new patent awards in the United States and Australia covering the company’s innovative technology for aggregating and smart charging batteries to electricity grid signals.

The patents complement a growing smart energy IP portfolio and help support the ability of Moixa’s AI-enabled GridShare software to unlock value for customers by aggregating fleets of batteries to provide gigawatt-scale virtual power plants and help balance electricity grids worldwide.

The new patents, with priority from 2012 include US10447042 and AU2017279784, relating to managing clusters of batteries on a distribution power network, as a collective resource in aggregate to provide grid storage services. They join additional ‘battery aggregation’ patent grants in the US, UK and the European Union, together with patents arising from 2008 Smart Home technologies such as which are now cited by nearly 200 international companies.

“We want to accelerate the global transition to a zero-carbon energy. Smart charging of millions of batteries in homes and electric vehicles requires common approaches and persistent standards, to enable future terawatt hours of batteries to help store and shift solar and wind-resources, saving money for consumers and reducing infrastructure cost,” said Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa. “We have shown our AI platform can be deployed to manage large-scale battery fleets and our new patents reaffirm our market leading technology solution.”

In November, Moixa announced its GridShare software is managing 100MWh of batteries across 10,000 homes in Japan – the largest single fleet of bi-directional batteries worldwide. This milestone was achieved within one year of launching the Japan service with partner ITOCHU, the Fortune 500 company. The Japanese company has seen its share of the domestic battery market rise to nearly 20% as a result.

Moixa’s experience provides a blueprint for how to smart charge fleets of batteries and apply the technology to smart charge electric vehicles. Honda has already selected Moixa as its European smart charging partner to support the rapid growth of electric vehicles across Europe.

Moixa is an energy technology company that manufacturers smart solar batteries and GridShare software to manage smart charging of batteries and EVs. Moixa recently gained additional patents on aggregating and smart charging batteries in US, EU and Australia. Earlier patents are cited by nearly 200 global corporations.

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