Remember these? Thanks to wireless and cellular technology, there's no more need for landline phones.

If you compare the inside of a modern home to one from about 25 years ago, you’re going to notice some stark differences — not just the phone book on the kitchen counter. Rapid advancements in tech over the past two decades have had an impact on everything from the way we communicate to the conveniences of home life.

While you expect some household staples to change from generation to generation, things that were part of an average home for decades are now unnecessary. That’s because just about any common household gadget can be replaced with a smarter device.

The digital world doesn’t come with a user manual. But I’ve got pro tips to help you live a better life with all these new everyday devices. Tap or click to learn how to make a call on the sly, the trick to better battery life and the secret to better Wi-Fi.