If you’re in need of a new security camera, or more of them, Yi Technology has some great offers today. The company has decided to discount quite a few of its products for Cyber Monday.

The Yi Smart Home Camera is now discounted. You can get a single Yi Smart Home Camera, or opt for 2-pack or 4-pack if you want. This is an indoor camera, and it can record in fullHD.

You will need to install an app on your phone to control this camera, or more of them. This camera can monitor your home and let you know when it detects movement.

It is also a great option for monitoring your pets. It will connect to your WiFi home network, and it can even see in the dark.

Now, a single Yi Smart Home Camera is priced at $30 at the moment (41-percent off), while a 2-pack costs $43 (46-percent off). If you need four of them, you’ll need to pay $76 (36-percent off). That is not a bad deal at all considering that some of you don’t really need more than four to secure your house.

Do note that the Yi Smart Dome Security Camera X is also on sale. This camera will set you back $38.99 (35-percent off), and it also records in fullHD resolution.

The Yi Dome Security Camera 2-pack is available via Amazon now as well, at a discounted price tag. You can get two of these cameras for $55 (39-percent off). They offer motion tracking, night vision, and so on.

If an outdoor camera is more along the lines of what you need, the Kami Smart Outdoor Security Camera is also on sale by Yi Technology. This camera costs $70 (35-percent off) at the moment. It comes with the human detection feature, can shoot in the dark, and so on.

In addition to discounting its home security cameras, Yi Technology also discounted the Yi Smart Dash Cam, and Yi Nightscape Dash Cam. These two cameras are priced at $33 (35-percent off) and $42 (40-percent off) at the moment.

If you’re interested in any of these cameras, you can click here, or tap the purchase button down below. These deals are valid today only, by the way.

Yi Smart Home Security Cameras – Amazon – from $42