Honeywell spin-off Resideo (rhymes with presidio) announced a new app today that can tie all of a home’s major systems—revolving around water, electricity, heating and air conditioning, and security—together in a unified user interface. The big catch is that the components in each of those systems must be at least connected to a Resideo product.

The app is intended to give homeowners—and the professionals they hire for maintenance and repairs—a holistic look at a home’s major systems. First up is the Buoy Home Water Controller and Buoy Water Leak Detector, which monitor your water supply lines for leaks and can shut off your main water valve in an emergency (Resideo acquired Buoy earlier this year).

In the next few months, the company’s T-series smart thermostats will be integrated into the app. The software will examine how the home’s HVAC system reacts to changing weather conditions and will use that data to automatically adjust its heating and cooling schedules to keep the home comfortable while using the least amount of energy possible.

resideo app wholehome iphone x Resideo Technologies

Resideo Technologies promises its Resideo Home app will provide a holistic view of a home’s various systems.

The thermostats will also analyze the HVAC system’s performance to predict maintenance needs and potential failures. An upcoming air-quality monitor, meanwhile, will measure carbon dioxide levels, airborne particulates, chemicals, and humidity levels to analyze air quality and instruct the HVAC system how to improve it.

Resideo is also developing a new appliance-monitoring device that studies how appliances use electricity and predicts when they might fail or otherwise require servicing. By the end of 2020, Resideo’s upcoming ProSeries Home Security and Smart Home platform will be accessible via the app. Resideo says its new professionally installed security system will consist of self-contained wireless and hybrid control panels, encrypted sensors, and life-safety devices (e.g., smoke and carbon monoxide detectors). Resideo says its home security system can scale from entry level to a fully integrated smart home system over time.

On the service-provider side, Resideo is developing a professional version of the app that can be used when new devices and systems are first installed. The installer can then invite the homeowner to download the consumer version of the app, establish log-in credentials, and sign up for a service plan that encompasses all the systems described above. The professional version of the app promises to enable the installer to diagnose problems before they leave the shop, so they know which parts to bring with them.

Resideo estimates it already has 6.5 million connected customers who will be able to transition to this app in 2020.

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