Each year, companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google attempt to dazzle us with the latest in whizbang technology. These corporate giants, and much smaller businesses, have transformed our society with products like smartphones, virtual reality devices, smart personal assistants, and drones that map our world and invade our privacy.

However, not every product can be an iPad, a laptop, or a smart thermostat that improves our standard of living.

As we near the end of 2019, 24/7 Tempo is taking a look at the best and worst gadgets over the past decade. We compiled our list based on information from technology company websites, technology media such as gizmodo.com and complex.com, Consumer Reports, and general media sources such as Time magazine.

Many of the gadgets we’ve come to take for granted are the products that are continuously improved and refined, such as smartphones and flat-screen televisions. Sometimes, these advancements are significant enough that they merit consideration such as the MacBook Air.