You can also pair the smart lock with a numerical keypad, which would be a great option for AirBnB hosts. Here you can set up a master passcode that only you know, which will always unlock the door. Next, you can create secondary passcodes with the Nuki smartphone app, so AirBnB hosts could provide each new guest a unique passcode, ensuring no one overstays their welcome. You can even set passcodes that only work at certain times, so if your cleaner comes every second Wednesday they could receive a passcode just for them.


Like all good smart home devices, the Nuki can speak to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant, meaning after the initial setup inside the Nuki app you can unlock your door with just your voice, or lock remotely. Paired with a video doorbell, this is a great way to open the door for guests. But the real smarts come with the various automated actions available. The Nuki can be set to auto lock once the door has been closed for five minutes, or to lock down at 10pm; handy if you always forget to lock the doors at night.

The Nuki system is not cheap. The minimum spend for one lock and the required Nuki bridge will cost you $549, with each additional lock another $419. The key fob is $79, and the keypad another $149. Still, the Nuki is incredibly well built and well supported, with countless options within the app, which is reassuring when you’re relying on a product to keep you and your valuables safe.