2019 has been another huge year for the technology world. We’ve seen ambitious cyberattacks take hold of some of our most trusted organisations, watched AI continue to revolutionise the healthcare industry, and witnessed increased adoption of sophisticated smart home technology that is transforming everything from the workplace to our own homes. But the digital revolution is far from over, and 2020 is set to be bigger and even more transformative. So here, 12 industry experts provide their thoughts on what the New Year has to offer.

Voice interfaces become sophisticated and humanised

According to Ian Moyse, EMEA Director, Natterbox, consumer demands are increasing year on year thanks to the rise of digitally-focused brands such as Amazon, Uber and various Fintechs. But, as a result, customer loyalty is waning. Moyse explains that “the phone plays a vital role in improving customer service by allowing businesses to personalise communications to the individual. Despite this, while the digital world is witnessing a whole host of exciting innovations, from driverless cars to the mainstream use of drones, many businesses’ telephony systems remain in the dark ages, delivering slow, frustrating and un-personalised experiences.”