Smart-home products like Roomba vacuums and laundry-folding robots have helped to make menial tasks faster and easier, but there’s now a self-changing trash on the market to make one of the most commonly complained about chores almost entirely automated.

The townew trash can, a product from Toronto-based tech company Knectek Labs, is designed to take the smelliness and messiness associated with the simple chore off your hands. The trash can’s technology allows it to seal a full garbage bag and replace it with a new one, all on its own. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to carry the trash yourself to the curb — the technology for that isn’t included (not yet, at least).

The townew trash can went on sale in late 2019 following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where over 1,700 backers contributed more than $140,000 toward the product.

Keep reading to see how the technology works, and how you can purchase the $100 smart trash can: