Are you selling your place? You might consider keeping some of your smart devices installed while showing off your property. Investing in this technology for the first time won’t add value to your home like other construction projects. But it can help speed up the sale of a home. 

Before you put your smart house on the market, consider making a few adjustments to the devices that remain active. Here are some tips on staging your smart home and how to set it up so that it doesn’t creep out folks during an open house. We’ll also walk you through how to ensure that the accounts tied to the smart devices you’re taking with you stay with you when you move out.

Show off what you’re selling

A low-cost smart thermostat makes for good optics when selling a home.

A low-cost smart thermostat makes for good optics when selling a home. (Image credit: Nest)

Don’t worry too much about investing in “smart stuff” for the sake of it, as it won’t increase the value of your home. But like updating baseboards and fixtures around your house, adding a couple of automated gadgets can help the house sell faster once it hits the market. A majority of brokers and agents agree that a little smart-home technology in the house can not only help in marketing a home, but it can also help streamline a sale since there are enough people interested in integrating it. The National Association of Realtors found that more than 40%  of clients were interested in the technology. “With tight housing and older inventory in the U.S., many buyers may find a home without smart devices and add them on once they purchase,” said Jessica Lautz, the National Association of Realtors’ vice president of demographics and behavioral insights.