THERE’S never a convenient time for your boiler to break down but as Sod’s Law rules, it waits until the weather is at its worst to do so. Cue calling plumbers and waiting for quotes while you and your flatmates shiver.

Or not, because a new online service offered by BOXT, which is part owned by big-hitter Bosch, claims to offer a tech-based solution to boiler-buying and installation, Uber Eats stylee.

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter if, like me, you don’t have a clue what goes on inside that box in the kitchen or whether you know your combustion chamber from your heat engine.

Before you do anything with Boxt, you’ll be guided through a brief Q&A portal in order to get standard information, answering half-a-dozen questions about the size, style and existing boiler arrangements of your home. This lands you at a selection of units at a range of prices that will do the job, so you just click and order!

Once you go for it, a link guides you through six photos you will need to take of your boiler and home so the engineer has everything they need upon arrival.

When we tested the service, our Vaillant was installed within 24 hours (Boxt claims to provide next-day installations in most cases) by an assigned local engineer with a miminum of two years’ experience. If you’re so inclined, you can ‘meet’ your installer online first with Boxt’s ‘say hi before you buy’ scheme, and read Trustpilot reviews.

As part of your delivery, all boilers turn up with the latest smart-home technology as smart controls are fitted as standard.

This is where run-of-the mill technophobes might get flummoxed as the new app controls don’t come with a tutorial from your installers. That part you’ll have to figure out yourself. It also means you might need to upgrade other elements of your household tech — controlling your heating when you are out and about means you’re reliant on your broadband being up to speed and not crashing. Still, if you’re as toasty as I (now) am, it’s well worth the effor. Hot stuff!

■ Prices start at £1,795 for boiler, installation and ten-year warranty,

Just google it

BOXT isn’t the only company helping the tech-savvy among us sort out our boilers — British Gas’s Boiler Support service can now be accessed via Google Home and Google Nest devices and the Google Assistant app. You don’t even need to be a customer — just say ‘OK Google, talk to Boiler Support’ when the shower runs cold and you’re away. The voice-activated troubleshooting advice is compiled by engineers but fret not if you’re nervous with a spanner — it promises it won’t have you do anything tricky that could break the boiler.