The technology firm Rekor Systems has launched its first license plate recognition system for home security. Called the Watchman Home, this technology has been made available to consumers for private security use. The technology is compatible with existing home security cameras.

To gain an insight into this new form of smart home technology and the wider security risks, Digital Journal spoke with Rekor’s Charles Degliomini (Executive Vice President).

Digital Journal: How big is the home security market becoming?

According to data gathered by, a computer security website, analysts believe the Smart Home Market is projected to hit $27.6 billion this year (2020) in the U.S. with nearly $20 billion spent on security products. The biggest reasons for why the home security market is growing so rapidly has been the evolution of consumer safety and security preferences, as well as the technology improvements of smart homes and how easily connected they have become both in and out of the home. Many homeowners now have access on their cell phones to control a variety of functions within the home including alarm systems, video surveillance, and voice controls.

DJ: Why do residents have particular concerns about unauthorized vehicles coming close to their properties?

Residents are focused on the benefits and peace of mind that a connected home provides. The benefits of having your security system integrated into your smart home include having the ability to turn on lights when you pull into the driveway or knowing when your children get home from school or sports practices. For people who may have larger properties or second homes where they are not around as often, this technology helps ease any concerns they may have as they are alerted to unauthorized vehicles coming close to their property.

DJ: How does the Watchman Home, work?

The Watchman Home is a software that homeowners can download to their computer and simply link to any internet-connected camera to capture license plate information. It uses a whitelist/blacklist system, allowing customers to log important plate numbers (e.g. family member or their child’s bus) that are approved to be near or on their property. In addition, it can send an alert when an unauthorized vehicle is flagged. Whether a vehicle is whitelisted, or blacklisted homeowners have the option to either get a message when the plate is seen or use the plate to trigger an action in their house to other connected devices such as turning on the lights or automatically opening the garage door.

It is important to note that consumers do not get the same detail of vehicle information from the software that law enforcement does. At home users only receive alerts for flagged license plate numbers they have input themselves.

DJ: Is there functionality for authorized vehicles?

Yes, once a plate is logged into the system as authorized, they are enabled to receive email or text message notifications or connect to their smart home platform to automate events. Authorized vehicles can utilize the software to open the garage door, adjust the thermostat, turn on the lights or start playing music automatically once the system recognizes your vehicle.

DJ: How did you go about developing the Watchman Home?

Watchman home was a natural progression from our commercial product. One of Rekor’s goals is to make our technology affordable and accessible to any homeowner who wants more control over how technology can simplify and benefit them in their everyday lives.

DJ: What other projects are you working on?

While we can’t share specifics about other current projects, we continue to create security and surveillance solutions using our AI-powered software. We are always developing new ideas and partnerships to aid various industries including law enforcement, security & surveillance, electronic toll collection, parking operations, banking & insurance, logistics and traffic management.