Wyze detailed the timeline of its upcoming smart home products last week, including the Wyze Band—a wearable that functions as a fitness tracker as well as allowing you to control your Wyze products from your wrist in the form-factor of the Fitbit Charge 3. Now, additional details have come to light thanks to some information in the public beta app.

The short video shows off the Band’s familiar and not-so-familiar features; fitness tracking, alarms, watch faces, and calendar integration are all there. In addition, you have Alexa support to control the massive ecosystem of devices that talk to Amazon’s voice assistant. You’ll also be able to control Wyze products from your wrist.

The beta app has also received a slew of customization options for the watch, allowing you to customize the watch faces and wallpapers. No hardware details have been leaked yet, and Wyze has implied the watch is still several months away from release.

Controlling your smart home technology with a few taps is handy, but having a microphone on your wrist to make Alexa do it is even more convenient. Wyze is known for having extremely reasonably priced hardware, so having a wearable this feature-packed device at a (presumably) decent cost will be a major win.