People upgrade their houses with artistic paintings and furniture for ages. What about technology? You can upgrade your home with modern technology and make it more comfortable for your family. Yes, some smart upgrades can pay off in the long run.

Think about a smart video doorbell that informs you who is waiting behind the door. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with better safety for your home. What about a smart toilet? Yes, a toilet that saves water and buzzes the latest music in the mp3 player for the best bathroom experiences. Let’s dive deep to find more about these.

Eight Smart Home Upgrades with Technology

  1. Smart Video Doorbell

Security has always been a big issue in every house you live in. People do spend lots of dollars to add safety measures to their families. It is one of those upgrades which lets you know who is knocking on your door from any remote distance.

You will receive a video call on your smartphone whenever anyone is at your doorbell. You can receive notifications of someone’s arrival and communicate from anywhere you want. Most video doorbells are easy to install, and you don’t have to break the bank to buy this for your home. It is battery powered and user-friendly.

  1. Smart Toilet

Toilets can be a smart upgrade to your home. Imagine a house where you have toilets that save water and have in-built FM radio, speakers, and MP3 players. There can be hand free applications and touch screen remote for the commode lid.

There are commodes with foot and seat warmers as well. Also, there are units with a warm air dryer and air deodorizer for the most pleasing washroom experience. Installing a smart toilet can save up to 16000 gallons of water per year. That saves a lot of utility bills. To add more, smart toilets have smoke detectors and nightlights with it.

That’s not all; smart toilets can also have ECO mode to save electricity consumption. Not only that, but also there are customizable pressure settings for automated flushing. Yes, smart toilets are expensive, but it can bring new changes to your daily living. To know more about smart toilets, you can visit

  1. Smart Smoke Detectors

This is a must-try home upgrade for all. You have the most beautiful house in the town, yet it is in danger because of not having smoke detectors. Smoke detectors or carbon dioxide detectors set alarms in your home. Modern smart detectors send messages to mobile phones.

Most smoke detectors run on batteries, and you have to replace them frequently to keep it active. In the case of smart smoke detectors, they send notifications to your phone that the battery is running out of charge and it needs to be replaced. Also, they have backup batteries for an outage. Other than that, modern smoke detectors come with strong smoke detecting sensors that can detect smoke from a far distance.

  1. Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat is a device that controls heating and air conditioning for your home. It is a device where you can control the in-house temperature and customize it for the best of your comfort. It is really good for snowy days and days of scorching summer heat.

The smart thermostat is internet-connected, so you control it with your laptop or a smartphone. You can also control it remotely away from your home. The unit is handy in controlling your utility bill as well. It can schedule your needs and serve according to that.

  1. Smart Lock

It is another important upgrade for your home in terms of security support. These locks are installed over mechanical locks so that they can physically upgrade the mechanical lock. Mechanical locks are simple locks that include deadbolts.

Like all other locks, smart locks have two main parts: a key and a lock. In the case of a smart lock, it has smart keys like a password that is operated from remote devices like a phone or a laptop. The smart key or the virtual key is sent to a receiver via e-mail or SMS to unlock the door. Most smart locks use apps to grant or deny access to the system.

  1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is the most energy-efficient system for your home. This has an automated motion sensor that can detect the motions of animals. Depending on that, it turns on or switches off the lighting units. Other than that, it uses more daytime lighting for the least energy consumption.

Smart lighting uses photoelectric control technology. That means it can detect the presence or absence of a person and transmits light accordingly. It can save 65% of the total energy consumption. Though they are expensive, they make a good save in the long run.

  1. Smart Blinds

What if your window coverings run on an automated response? Yes, smart blinds have automated motors that do physical work with apps or voice messages. Also, there are remote controls for smart shades, which you can control from long distance.

Smart blinds also come with built-in light sensors. That means window shades operate based on exterior lighting. You don’t have to cover your windows during dusk. It does the routine work with automated sensors. Nowadays, a few brands have come up with solar energy operations for that. So, it is energy-saving as well.

  1. Smart Sprinkler Controller

What if you save money from water control? Yes, a smart sprinkler controller can save 50% of your monthly water bill. It is compatible with pump relay, master valve, or indexing valve. All you need is a mobile app and connect the controller to your Wi-Fi. You can now control your home water system from anywhere you want.

This tool avoids watering in the rain. Also, it integrates an exclusive weather intelligence system that makes sure there is no unnecessary watering. Yes, it features wind skip, rain skip, freeze skip, and many more. That’s not all! You can schedule your water system when you are on vacation.

A home upgrade is not all about luxurious stuff. You can upgrade it with technology as well. This makes life more lively and fast.