“We are thrilled to bring the CHEF iQ ecosystem to consumers, allowing every home cook – no matter their level of experience – to truly create share-worthy and delicious meals,” says CEO, Ralph Newhouse. “The Smart Cooker and App allow users to discover new techniques, recipes and ways to cook.”

Inspiring home cooks to discover their inner chef, the CHEF iQ experience allows users to expand culinary possibilities, gain useful cooking skills and craft meaningful meals. The Smart Cooker’s design and functionality are state of the art, offering consumers a 70% faster method of multiple cooking functions including: pressure cooking, slow cooking, searing, sautéing, steaming and more. With a six-quart capacity, the Smart Cooker makes meal prepping for one or cooking for the entire family easier than ever before. The CHEF iQ Smart Cooker also features a precise integrated cooking scale that works right inside the cooking pot – no more measuring cups needed. An integrated cooking calculator provides recipe assistance to ensure each meal is prepared just right, with 100+ quick preset cooking functions built in for virtually every cooking need. The auto pressure release function is an unparalleled innovation among competitor products, with three release methods tailored to various cuisines. The unit will release pressure on its own at the appropriate pace and time for added precision and safety precautions.

The backbone of the CHEF iQ ecosystem is the App, the primary innovation that compliments the modern hardware design, helping to transform the user’s kitchen into a 5-star restaurant. The WiFi connectivity feature allows consumers to directly connect the App to the Smart Cooker to promote effortless cooking. The App offers a growing library of Guided Cooking recipes, featuring step-by-step visual directions, as well as culinary how-to videos, allowing even the most inexperienced consumer to create delicious meals easily. Users can also send cooking data right from the App directly to the Smart Cooker with a touch of a button and vice versa. The CHEF iQ App caters to the individual, allowing personalization of each dish and letting users save and share their go-to recipes for quick access. Much like the Smart Cooker hardware, the App also offers a cooking calculator to provide further customization, as well as a timer and real-time notifications with the Smart Bar™ technology to ensure a perfect dish every time.

The CHEF iQ all-in-one Smart Cooker is available for purchase on Amazon and Target.com for $199.99. The CHEF iQ app is free to download on smart phone and tablet devices in the App Store for Apple devices and on Google Play for Android devices. For more information please visit www.CHEFiQ.com.

About CHEF iQ
The CHEF iQ journey began in 2017 with the idea that cooking should be approachable and enjoyable for all. The team of engineers, software developers, culinary professionals and design experts have created an unrivaled cooking experience that seamlessly combines software and hardware to elevate the art of cooking. CHEF iQ products and the CHEF iQ App effortlessly connect and synchronize data for smarter cooking – encouraging all users to discover their inner chef.


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