New Delhi | Vineet Sharan: People around the world are forced to stay at home amid coronavirus to prevent the spread of COVID-19. During this period, many experts are of the view that when we return to our workplace, the scenario will be completely different. According to Ukrainian architect Sergei Makhno, Liquid Space CEO Mark Gilbreed and real estate expert Julie Whelan, both the home and office will change drastically once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Preference of house over apartment

A large number of people live in tall buildings. But it is not good for health and hygiene. The use of elevators, lift buttons, and neighbors living nearby can lead to infection. At the same time, if the flat does not have a balcony then it would become more difficult. In such cases, people would opt to live in a small house instead of a flat, where there is a courtyard or terrace. The main purpose of the house will be safety and security.

Urbanization will reduce and people will return to smaller villages and towns. Construction will increase and people will also receive training to stay safe during disasters. There will be buildings that will have stronghold-like security.

Underground floor will increase

Underground i.e. minus floors will increase in houses and buildings. It will be used to store water and food. The houses will be designed in such a way that they can withstand natural or man-made disasters. The trend of making open plane space, entrance, living room, dining space, and kitchen together will come to an end. The entrance and living area of the house will be different in the new trend. People will keep shoes, clothes and their belongings in the entrance.

Self-sufficient in electricity and water

The buildings and houses will be made self-sufficient in terms of water and electricity generation. Homes will have stoves, fireplaces, solid fuel boilers, fuel generators, and solar panels.

Internet access in every house

Currently, satellite internet technology is expensive and is only available to maritime traffic, mining and large companies. But in the future, satellite internet facility will reach every house in the world. Companies such as OneWeb and Space X are working on this technology and have launched many satellites.

Filtration and Neutralization

The trend for water and air filtration will also increase. The construction of smart home will be faster, so that the temperature of the house can be controlled and the air coming from outside can be cleaned. There will be a part of the house, where the virus will get eliminated. In this portion, only delivery workers or guests will arrive. At the same time, lamps will be installed to eliminate viruses, which will produce ultraviolet radiation. These radiations will eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria.

Home will become office

Many people are forced to work from home in lockdown. But in the coming days, work from home will get more attention. You have to make your own office at home to work.

Home gardening

A small garden can be made near the house or in the balcony. Our grandfathers used to say that gardening brings peace to the mind. Living close to the plants is good for mental health. At the same time, eating what you grow is fantastic. This gives you freedom from normal routines, especially in times of self-isolation.

Now we have to think about preparing the garden inside the house. This will give us food ration and oxygen inside the house. The practice of vertical farming on the walls will also increase. Underground plantation will also increase. Here artificial light, water, and air filtration, soil fertilizer will be cultivated.

Office design

– Automatic door opening technology will be used.

– The lift button will not be used. Sound technology may be used in elevators.

– Office space will not include the open floor. There will be dividers.

– Only five people will sit where 10 people used to sit in the office.

– There will be a distance of at least three to six feet between people.

– Meeting room chairs will be less.

– There will be frequent cleaning in the office.

– Ultraviolet light will be used to reduce contamination.

– Clothing with anti-bacterial properties will be used.

– Investment in new technologies will increase in offices.

Posted By: James Kuanal