Xiaomi has announced multiple mice and keyboards under its own Mi brand as well as that of companies under its ecosystem. Some of these products have even launched outside China such as the Mi Portable Wireless Mouse. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is set to announce yet another mouse according to a recent Bluetooth SIG listing.

The Bluetooth SIG has certified a new Xiaomi mouse under the name Mi Smart Mouse. The description says the mouse, whose model number is stated as XASB01ME, has speech recognition, support for translation, and a 4000 DPI.

Mi Smart Mouse

A few months ago, Xiaomi released a keyboard with voice input support. We believe the mouse will use similar technology. The Mi Smart Mouse will connect via Bluetooth 5.0 but should also connect via Wi-Fi. We expect it to have a built-in rechargeable battery too.

We can’t say when the mouse will be announced but when it does launch, we will be sure to let you know.