Richardson, TX, July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The past few months have been challenging for the whole world. COVID-19 changed every aspect of our lives, especially the way we communicate. Nowadays, we barely go out to visit friends, and the Internet is our communication lifeline during isolation. Making the most of the Internet, smart technologies help to ease the struggles of quarantine by increasing effortless, hands-free operations and reducing the virtual distance from our loved ones. TIS Control is one of the frontrunners, with functional solutions that make the pandemic less lonely and frustrating.
Control without Touching a Thing
Until recently, all of us unconsciously touched door handles on the way in and out of every office or store we visited. Now, however, shared surfaces are regarded as potential sources of infection. Since Covid-19 can spread through contact with communal spots, having contactless actuators is a necessity. TIS Control offers intelligent smart home devices, such as automatic sensors and door locks, to make buildings and high-traffic environments safer.

Additionally, the TIS Mobile App and Touchless Access Solutions are unique choices to reduce hand-to-door contact in high contact public areas, such as healthcare facilities, schools, offices, restaurants, and restrooms. TIS products provide user-friendly access that not only ensures protected entrance but also lessens high-frequency touchpoints and reduces the spread of viruses.

Thanks to compatibility with Alexa and Siri voice assistants, TIS solutions deliver effortless operations for lights and temperature control with just an oral command. You do not have to touch the wall switch in a public area to turn on the lights or increase the fan speed; simply ask Alexa to do it for you. TIS helps you stay safe even if you are not staying at home.

Smart Care
During the coronavirus crisis, many countries are facing a hygiene crisis in medical centers or a lack of hospital beds and facilities to cater to every patient infected with the virus. Thus, many infected patients with mild to moderate symptoms are being asked to quarantine. Even in this case, TIS technology makes it very convenient and safe to care for them. The TIS Health Sensor monitors and provides health indexes regarding indoor air quality and humidity and makes it possible to maintain sanitary, safe, and comfortable hospital rooms without the need for physical presence. Whether patients are in the hospital or recovering at home, TIS smart automation makes the caring process more convenient and secure for all parties.

Moreover, since social distancing is increasing our feelings of loneliness, it is vital to provide patients with interaction and entertainment to speed up the healing process. The TIS Luna Bedside Panel lets patients easily control their lighting, AC, media, and curtains; they can even call a nurse, if needed. After all, having a sense of control over one’s environment in such a situation improves recovery. They can also watch their favorite TV shows or listen to relaxing music without having to touch anything; they just need to ask the voice assistant to perform the operation for them. 

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