Working with sharp tools several feet off the ground presents a double danger. Not to mention that if you lack tree-trimming expertise, you risk injuring passersby below and causing damage to your tree. Spend the extra money on hiring a pro to complete this task.

Mounting expensive smoke detectors

In most cases, standard battery-powered and hardwired smoke detectors work well for their intended purpose. Wireless models with special features like remote control silencers and voice alarms are nice if you love smart-home technology but not must-haves.

Experts generally recommend having a smoke alarm on each level of your home, including in your basement, each bedroom and the hallways. Check local fire codes to make sure your home is fully equipped.

Installing a programmable thermostat

You don’t need a top-of-the-line thermostat to save money on heating and cooling costs – basic programmable models start around $100. You can install yourself or have an HVAC Pro handle it. While an easy enough DIY project, most HVAC companies can install them if you don’t feel comfortable.

Inexpensive pleated HVAC filters work just as well as more expensive high-efficiency electrostatic ones in most cases, as long as you replace them every three months. Sometimes electrostatic filters trap so much dirt and debris that they cause HVAC systems to work overtime.