Incorporating wellness features into smart home functionality represents a significant opportunity for integrators, and companies like Savant and USAI Lighting are helping them deliver these solutions profitably by making the overall experience highly intuitive and easy to personalize. Wellness and healthy living touch every aspect of the smart home and should include lighting fixtures, lighting control, indoor/outdoor entertainment, climate, shading and even energy automation.

“Smart home functionality should integrate with your clients’ lifestyle fluidly,” explains Andy Hamm, vice president, design at Savant. “All smart home features, including the integration of technologies for wellness, need to be responsive to the environment dynamically. At Savant, we think about the user experience first.”

Every Savant interface can be personalized to fit your clients’ lifestyle and well-being, helping them wake up or fall asleep at the right time with suitable environmental controls, easily accessed using Savant Scenes. Savant’s lighting control solution, winner of Best Control System at LightFair 2020, will emulate the color temperature of the sun based on time of day and is designed to help balance your circadian rhythm (or sleep cycle).

Every innovation at Savant is designed to suit human needs and to deliver a seamless experience, including remote controls, voice controls, thermostats, touchpanels, mobile apps, on screen display and Apple Watch experiences.

Bonnie Littman, president of USAI, says it is integral for any wellness lighting solution to include both control and fixtures.

“We’ve been working together for several years to provide best-in-class lighting experiences for residential customers. We are great at producing lighting products that are beautiful, high-quality, top-performing and versatile, while Savant has created an incredibly beautiful and intuitive user interface and controls,” she says.

“We have engineered our products to work together in harmony so the ultimate end user experience is smooth, seamless and perfectly integrated,” she adds.

Littman points to the Savant Daylight Mode as an incredible tool for dealers.

“It is based on the most current lighting research from leading institutions. All it takes is understanding a client’s typical day and preferences. Daylight Mode automatically tunes the light and intensity levels from cool to warm as the day progresses… essentially following the sun. But it also allows the user to have applied preferences,” she adds.