I have written about and reviewed many of Coway’s ingenious products. Coway UAA offers a line of smart home health products, including the Airmega air purifier and the Aquamega water purifier. The company has built a reputation for innovation, research, and engineering capability.

Now, they just announced another product. Now available, the Coway Bidetmega 150 is a budget-friendly version of its existing smart bidet. Here’s what it offers.

Benefits of a Smart Bidet

If you are not sure why a smart bidet is something to consider for your home, my previous review and use of their other Bidetmega product (the Bidetmega 400) provides some compelling reasons to try one.

This bidet seat ensures hygiene with a two-stage cleaning process. It also has stainless steel nozzles as well as easy-to-clean components. Like the other smart bidet offered by Coway, you don’t have to worry about where to put a separate appliance and deal with plumbing. This one has easy installation with a quick connection to your toilet with just a few common household tools.

The Bidetmega product line is also easy to use with simple buttons and even Braille for the visually impaired. There is also a child mode with child-friendly controls.

Bidetmega 150 Key Features

This new Bidetmega uses the same unique i-wave cleaning technology that its other bidet model uses. Additionally, it features a built-in dryer for post-cleansing comfort. There is also the ability to customize the experience for each…

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