Like many industries, online training has become the main way integrators are continuing their education during the coronavirus outbreak. While many companies offer excellent at-home training courses, Brilliant is looking to capitalize on the all-digital aspect of the upcoming CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience as a way to bring live, at-home demos to a wider audience.

To learn more about Brilliant‘s approach to the expo, CE Pro virtually sat down with Ryan Okimoto, national training manager at Brilliant and asked him a few key questions.

What is the company planning on hosting at its virtual booth this year?

“We’re actually hosting a full slate of presentations: Everything from if it’s your first experience in touch with Brilliant, basic one on one and introduction, all the way to trainings including how to use it, to a full-on live demo actually here in my house [where] I will take my laptop and will virtually go through and set up everything. It wiill include technical training as well to walk you through basics setups, pretty much everything that you could want to see and expect from a smart home product. 

“And most importantly, bringing in special guests from the industry, partners and brands that you know, such as Sonos and Ring, just to name a couple. We will have many of those interviews to not only get our perspective on smart home, but also theirs and how important having these partnerships are.”

What are you personally excited for integrators to see when they visit your booth?

“I am personally most excited for the live demo. I think it’s one thing when you have a product to use a canned demo experience where it’s ‘All right let me set this up on a table’ and it’s very controlled. The live demo that I do…I take my laptop, and I walk around my house [where I’ve] installed all of these smart home technologies. So we’ll be able to show you how Ring integration works, how our smart lock integration works, how our music integration works, how the garage door integration works in a real-life situation and that is what makes the magic happen that gets guys like ‘Wow, that’s really what we can do.’”

“That George Jetson home of the future for smart home technology [is] possible, and that is the experience that I absolutely love. I think that’ll be the highlight for a lot of people who have yet to experience Brilliant. The best way to do it is in an actual home, and I’m going to give you that walkthrough here in my house”

Does the company have any additional educational training being offered during the show?

“We’re actually going to be going through a technical training, but that’s going to be a little bit of wiring…We’ll walk through the actual setup screens as well where we snap on a Brilliant faceplate, show you everything you need to do to get comfortable with the software.”

“That is going to be really important to making sure [it] has not only been installed properly, but it has been set up properly so your clients can have that ‘Wow, aha’ experience of walking into [a room] and motion turns on the light and they tap a single button and now the music starts and the thermostat changes and the door unlocks. We will make sure you are versed in how to do that and making sure you’re providing a great client experience.”

Brilliant will be offering a full slate of workshops and training to help integrators grow their business with the most affordable smart home control system on the market, Brilliant.

In addition to system demos and workshops featuring Sonos and Ring, these trainings will teach integrators how to shift home builders from offering integrated smart home systems as an option to making it a standard feature that you can install in every new home and apartment.

Brilliant will also be giving you a chance to hear from some of the biggest and top-grossing custom integrators about how they are using the Brilliant smart home system to increase their bottom line and service builders and multifamily developers and property managers.

Be sure to visit Brilliant’s booth during the CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience from September 15-17.