It should be pretty clear now that the new normal involves working from home for much longer than most originally anticipated, so it makes sense to invest in optimizing the experience.

Managing the new normal

We’ve moved from phase one of COVID-19 response. It’s no longer about making the best of what we have or rushing to put something – anything — in place to enable us to work remotely.

Phase two is about optimizing that process, making better technology and software decisions, and identifying the right tools. It means learning from mistakes and fostering a culture of open communication to help socially distanced teams stay connected.

In some cases, it means providing employees currently quarantined in poor/cramped living conditions with extra help and health support, and better tools, such as higher-quality broadband.

We know that 15% of U.S. homes lack broadband access, and many, particularly in rural areas, endure expensive or unreliable connectivity. The pandemic has exposed both the social and economic need for such access.

The following HomeKit solutions may help with part of this, in this case around optimizing the work from home experience. I’ve included links to manufacturer sites from which you’ll find local availability and pricing.

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