Looking for some great ways to secure your home? Look no further than the products on today’s roundup, smart doorbells and locks to boost your home’s security. Keep reading to learn about some of the best ways to keep an eye on your front door and protect your possessions from thieves.

Everyone wants a more secure home. And in 2020, it’s easier and more cost effective than ever with the variety of smart doorbells and locks out there. These gadgets have changed the game when it comes to home security since you can monitor them from anywhere in the world.

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You could go for a wire-free video doorbell that has a 180-degree angle, letting you see visitors from head to toe. And for a smart lock, there’s a keyless door lock that lets you enter with a fingerprint. How Back to the Future is that? Have a look at the gadgets on this list for some pretty cool ways to protect your home.

Smart Doorbells

Wyze Video Doorbell

First up on our list of smart doorbells and locks is the Wyze Video Doorbell. This smart doorbell gives you a full view of visitors, and the 1080 full HD display provides improved video quality. Also, the two-way audio means you can talk to visitors when they near your door.

Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell

The Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell lets you see up to 180 degrees outside of your home. It also allows you to set your own detection zones to receive alerts only in areas that matter. What’s more, the built-in siren can be triggered automatically or manually when there’s an intruder on your property.

Rise Video Door Phone

The Rise Video Door Phone is another great option on this roundup of smart doorbells and locks. This door phone has a minimalistic joystick interface that shows you everything at your doorstep. In fact, the screen even pops up when you speak with others. It’s a more intuitive way to interact and also lets you communicate via text.

Rise Video Door Phone

Rise Video door phone on an artistic background

Blurams Smart Video Doorbell

The Blurams Smart Video Doorbell has smart human recognition since it saves every face that appears at your door. Just register the faces in the app so that camera always knows who’s there. This gadget also lets you see what’s going on outside your door, even when you’re not there.

Scout Video Doorbell Home Alarm

The Scout Video Doorbell Home Alarm is another great item on this list of smart doorbells and locks. Its camera gives you a half-circle field of view. Best of all, you can use it with either an analog or digital doorbell to keep an eye on your home. Now that’s a smart doorbell.

Scout Video Doorbell Home Alarm

Scout Video Doorbell home alarm on an exterior wall

Smart Locks

Wyze Lock Wireless Smart Lock

The Wyze Lock Wireless Smart Lock lets you remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere. It’s also easy to install. Once you’re connected to the Wyze app, you can manage your door from anywhere. Plus, the auto-unlock feature opens and closes the lock automatically when you walk up or away.

Level Touch Keyless Door Lock

The Level Touch Keyless Door lock lets you enter and exit your home easily. This home security device opens using only your finger or finger card. It also includes auto-lock technology that automatically locks your door after a predetermined delay, so you never have to worry about forgetting to lock up.

igloohome Smart Keybox 3 Intelligent Lockbox

The igloohome Smart Keybox 3 Intelligent Lockbox is an upgrade to the previous model. It has enough space to store house keys, key fobs, and access cards. Best of all, you can even give your keys to someone who doesn’t have the app. All you have to do is generate PINs on the go and send them via your favorite messenger service.

August Wi-Fi Smart Deadbolt Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Deadbolt Lock is another great product on our list of smart doorbells and locks. This gadget connects right to your home network and lets you lock and unlock your door remotely, check door status, and give virtual guest keys. It even lets you see who’s coming and going.

Level Invisible Smart Lock

The Level Invisible Smart Lock will let you stop worrying about whether you’ve forgotten your keys. This smart lock gives you a keyless entry to your home. Just connect this gadget to the app on your smartphone, and you can lock and unlock your door wherever you are.

Are you ready to have a more secure home with some of these smart doorbells and locks? Let us know your thoughts about these and any other home security gadgets you might have in the comments.

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