We hope that you had a safe, socially-distanced Thanksgiving and that you are staying home to do your Black Friday shopping online and away from the crowds. If you’re looking for deals on products that will make your life easier as we round out this crazy year that has been 2020, you might want to consider a smart vacuum. Sure, that may not be as exciting as a new smartphone or speaker, but I’d wager that you’ll find a ton of value in something geared to take housework off of your plate. We found this Black Friday deal on the 360 S5 robot vacuum and mop that will not only save your back but will save you $130 that you can use towards other great smart home gadgets.

Robot vacuums are amazing devices, but they are even better the more they can do. This one can vacuum, mop, and map your home for truly smart cleaning. Plus, you can control it with your voice through Amazon’s Alexa.

$250 at Amazon

I finally broke down and purchased a smart robot vacuum for my home earlier this year, and while it has saved me hours of housework, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I still have to mop at least once a week. Oh, how I wish I also had a robot mop, or better yet, a device that can do both. If only I’d known about the 360 S5!

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This robot vacuum and mop device not only can take on two of the most tiring chores in your home, but it does so in a very intelligent way. Unlike many robot vacuums at this price point, the S5 uses a laser mapping technology to intelligently navigate and map your home to determine the most efficient and effective patterns to use so that it doesn’t just wander aimlessly through your house. You can also set virtual boundaries and no-go zones if there are parts of your home that you want to keep off-limits to the device.

In the ultimate stroke of convenience, not only can you program and set schedules of operation within the app, but you can connect the device with Amazon’s Alexa smart voice assistant and ask Alexa to start cleaning the floors whenever you want, from wherever you are. It will almost make you feel like you have your own personal cleaning staff!

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