Smart home technology is more prevalent than ever these days, and as things like smart speakers and displays have continued to rise in popularity, we’ve also seen massive growth for home security technology. It used to cost an arm and a leg to outfit your house/apartment with security equipment, but in 2020, that’s no longer the case.

The Kami brand of home security gadgets has gotten a lot of attention for offering smart security cameras at some of the lowest prices around, and during Cyber Monday, the Kami Mini Camera is made even more affordable than it already was.

You can currently save 30% on the gadget, bringing your final price down to a little over $20. If you’ve been searching for a convenient and affordable way to protect your home, this is it.

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In 2020, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to outfit your home with reliable security cameras. If you want to add some safety to your home without destroying your wallet, the Kami Mini Camera is perfect. It’s a smart security camera with 1080p recording, night vision, and is on sale for 30% off for Cyber Monday.

$21 at Amazon

A $20 security camera might lead you to believe that it can’t do all that much, but the exact opposite is true of the Kami Mini. Right off the bat, this is a security camera that can record 1080p Full HD video. This means all of your footage will look nice and crisp for easy viewing, and with night vision support, it can even keep an eye on things when the sun goes down.

The Kami Mini features a slew of smart features, too, such as face/human detection, activity zones, and supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. There’s a two-way microphone so you can remotely talk with anyone near the camera, and if you buy more than one Kami Mini for yourself, you can manage all of them through the free Kami mobile app and website.

In other words, all of the same features found in much more expensive cameras are present on the Kami Mini Camera. And, unlike some of those competitors, you don’t need to pay any kind of monthly subscription. Just buy the Kami Mini and that’s it.

The Kami Mini Camera is already very affordable at its full retail price of $30, so being discounted to just $21 for Cyber Monday, it becomes a no-brainer purchase. For anyone that’s been thinking about investing in smart home tech, this is a fantastic place to start.

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