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Cyber Monday and TV sales go hand in hand. It’s a tradition that kicks off on Black Friday and continues through the next week. It’s a very good time get a new TV and upgrade your home entertainment setup.

As we’ve seen throughout the year, you don’t need to spend thousands to get a great 4K picture and matching feature set. Many of the deals we’ve rounded up below share the same features as the TVs we picked in our guide to the best TVs, and our pick for best luxury TV is actually on sale at Amazon for Cyber Monday right now.

You’ll find some great deals rounded up below – but act fast as models are going fast.

43-inch Hisense 4K Roku TV ($249.99, originally $279.99; amazon.com)

Hisense is aiming to break into the same space as TCL and Vizio’s V-Series – affordable 4K TVs with solid smart interfaces. That’s exactly what this 43-inch Roku TV by Hisense aims to do and it makes a splash at a discounted price of $249.99. It’s powered by a RokuOS which means to access thousands of services in the box and it delivers content at up to 4K UHD with support for Dolby Vision HDR content.

50-Inch TCL 5-Series 4K UHD TV ($399.99; amazon.com)

TCL has had a tremendous 2020, and the TCL 6-series took the crown as our top pick for best overall TV this year. The 5-series offers many of the same features as the 6-series, such as 4K UHD, along with HDR and Dolby Vision support. In other words, the picture is going to look fantastic on the 5-series, and at this price, you’re getting a heck of a deal.

55-Inch Sony A8H OLED TV ($1,498, originally $1,698; amazon.com)

Our pick for best luxury TV is seeing a big discount again on Amazon. This 55-inch A8H OLED is down to just $1,498 and still delivers one of the best pictures available. Colors are especially vibrant and contrast points are super dark. It’s all thanks to the individual pixels making up an image. Lastly, it’s basically all screen with minimal bezels all around.

75-Inch Samsung Q60T Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV ($1,197.99, originally $1,499.99; amazon.com or samsung.com)

Samsung’s Q60T series LED TV uses quantum dot technology to provide a 4K UHD picture. The 75-inch HDR display uses a Dual LED system for more contrast. You’ll get the full 4K experience with the Q60T, which is powered by Samsung’s Tizen TV OS, giving you access to apps like Netflix and Hulu.

65-Inch Samsung Q80T Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV ($1,497.99, originally $1,799.99; amazon.com or samsung.com)

Stepping up the quality a bit from the Q60T and Q70T, the Q80T includes controlled backlights for better contrast and deeper blacks. It also offers a wider viewing angle with anti-glare, so you can sit anywhere in the room and not worry about reflection. It also includes better sound, with two top and bottom speakers.

65-Inch Sony Class X950H Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV ($1,398, originally $1,599.99; amazon.com)

The Sony X950H delivers content in a full 4K UHD from an LED panel. It pairs that high resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate that’s perfect for gaming and watching sports or action movies. And it’s all powered by the X1 Ultimate processor, which handles real-time rendering and upscaling of lower resolution content.

43-Inch Samsung Sero ($1,497.99, originally $1,999.99; amazon.com or samsung.com)

This TV from Samsung literally flips. Yep, it has a motor that rotates the 43-inch QLED panel from vertical to horizontal. It’s both a talking point and a functional item that integrates heavily with your phone. Think mirroring your screen and the Sero rotating when you rotate your phone. You can’t wall mount it, but the stand is durable and packs in an array of speakers on the bottom for great sound. It’s pretty flippin’ cool.

75-Inch LG NanoCell 80 Series 4K LED UHD Smart WebOS TV ($999.99, originally $1,499.99; bestbuy.com)

LG’s 80 Series LED TV includes Active HDR, meaning it will adjust the picture based on the scene in real time, providing a clear and realistic picture. LG’s webOS gives you access to all of your favorite streaming services and includes support for AirPlay, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The remote acts as a mouse with a point-and-click feature as well as a microphone so you can use voice commands.

75-Inch Samsung Q70T Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV ($1,499.99, originally $2,099.99; bestbuy.com or samsung.com)

Samsung’s QLED displays are bright and vibrant, much in the same way that standard LED screens are. The Q70T series has Quantum HDR for improved color accuracy and uses Dual LEDs for better contrast. With Tizen built in, you can use the TV’s OS to stream content without the need for a streaming box. And with support for 120 Hz refresh rate, the gamers in your family will love the look of this TV.

50-Inch Toshiba LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV Edition ($259.99, originally $379.99; bestbuy.com)

Toshiba’s Fire TV Edition isn’t going to be the best-looking 4K picture, but that’s by design. The already affordable TV set is even more affordable this holiday season. It runs Amazon’s Fire TV OS, meaning you can stream from a number of services, including HBO Max, and use the Alexa functionality that’s built right into the remote to control your smart home devices or ask for weather updates.

50-Inch Samsung Smart 4K Crystal UHD TV TU8000 Series ($379.99, originally $429.99; target.com)

If you’re looking for a sharp picture on an entry-level TV, look no further than this Smart 4K Crystal UHD TV from Samsung. You’ll still get a 4K picture with HDR capabilities for improved color, just don’t expect it to match the picture quality of Samsung’s more expensive QLED TVs.

55-Inch LG NanoCell 81 Series 5K UHD Smart TV ($499.99, originally $699.99; target.com)

LG’s NanoCell tech may sound nerdy, but all that should matter to you is that you’ll see more vivid colors and enjoy wide viewing angles. You can control the TV using the included Magic Remote, through Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri with AirPlay and HomeKit support. Our favorite feature? Its impressively thin bezels.