More of us throughout Europe are embracing smart home technology to help us in daily life, with the UK leading the way by quite a margin.

A study conducted by Homedit.com looks at which European countries are adopting home technologies the most by looking at smart home appliances and analysing Google search trends. 

It found that the UK is the leading adopter of smart home technology in Europe with an average is 229,860 searches a month for smart home appliances, with the ‘smart TV’ being the most popular searched for appliance. 

Germany is in second place with an average of 107,480 monthly smart home searches. Again, ‘smart TV’ is the most searched for appliance. 

With an average of 66,640 searches for smart appliances, the Netherlands holds the third spot and again, ‘smart TV’ features as the most popular search. 

Interest in smart home technology is not as high in some parts of Europe with just 110 average monthly searches taking place in Hungary, 229,750 less than the UK making it third from the bottom. Unlike Europe’s top technology spots, the most searched for smart home equipment in Hungary is the ‘smart thermostat’ and ‘smart camera’.

The penultimate ranking belongs to Greece, with and average of just 50 searches every month. The firm favourite again is the ‘smart TV’. 

Falling to last place is Serbia with only 10 average monthly searches for smart home equipment. Although their top searched for item matches that of 14 other countries, unlike those 14 countries, the ‘smart TV’ was the only searched item. 

The ‘smart TV’ has come out as the favourite smart home appliance across the whole of Europe, with a total average of 512,950 searches made each month. 

Second favourite is the ‘smart thermostat’ receiving an average of 29,500 European searches each month. The Wi-Fi engineered ‘smart plugs’ are the third most popular smart home technology searched for with an average of 19,250 monthly searches across Europe.