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Shopping for holiday gifts can either be a joyous task or a stressful one. Actually, it can be a little bit of both. Due to COVID-19, online shopping has increased thanks to stay-at-home orders, but we’re here to help you out with that and make the whole experience an easier one. We’ve picked out 20 different smart home items that make great gifts for everyone on your list or an affordable way to upgrade the space you’re spending all your time in.

Moodo®: The Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

The way your home smells is important. It helps set the general tone, it helps your mood, and if it’s the right scent, it can help relax you. This smart home fragrance diffuser uses scent capsules that are grouped into compatible “scent families” to produce an inviting fragrance in any room of your home. Plus, you can easily control the fragrances from anywhere using the free Moodo app or voice commands from Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Get the Moodo®: The Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser for $107.99 (reg. $169), a savings of 36%.

Color PAR30 Spot Smart Light Bulb

You don’t know true convenience until you can control the lighting in your home with your phone. The PAR30 Spot Smart Light Bulb allows you to adjust its color or brightness with the press of a button. The installation is quick and easy and once you connect the bulb to Bluetooth, you’ll be able to enhance any room from your device. Bonus points for saving money on this bulb that is five times more efficient than a standard light bulb.

Get the Color PAR30 Spot Smart Light Bulb for $42.99 (reg. $59), a savings of 28%.

Bearfi Edge Mesh Wi-Fi Extender Bundle: AP & Satellite

The Bearfi Edge Mesh Wi-Fi extender helps extend Wi-Fi coverage in your home without having to replace your router. Both the router and satellite are designed to boost coverage across your home using Beamforming technology to send signals directly towards your connected devices. You can use it with all Wi-Fi devices, including smart TVs, smart refrigerators, and Amazon Echo products.

Get the Bearfi Edge Mesh Wi-Fi Extender Bundle for $129.99 (reg. $139), a savings of 7%.

Memo Box Mini: Smart Pill Box

If you’re the type to struggle with remembering to take your medications, the Memo Box Mini will certainly come in handy. It’s designed to help ensure you take your scheduled dosage of pills daily. When you download the app, you will get updates of your pill intake, warning alerts to prevent double-dosing, misplaced alerts to help you never leave home without your pills, and location tracking of your pillbox to help prevent losing your medication.

Get the Memo Box Mini: Smart Pill Box for $34.99 (reg. $50), a savings of 30%.

Gryphon: The Ultimate Secure Router with 18-Month Free Advance Network Protection

It’s imperative that your router is protected from any unsafe activity or threats. This smart router uses Intelligent Intrusion Detection that will notify you whenever your devices start acting suspiciously within your network. You’ll get 3,000 square feet of wall-to-wall coverage so your family can stream content, browse the internet, download files, and more. With this plan, you’ll get 18 months of free Advance Network Protection so you can rest easy knowing all internet activity is safe and secure.

Get the Gryphon Ultimate Secure Router for $229.99 (reg. $257), a savings of 10%.

NX-100 Smart Garage Controller & Smart Plug Bundle

Open and close your garage door and control other appliances or devices in your home from any location, straight from your smartphone, Alexa, or Google Assistant devices. The Nexx Plug allows you and other members of your family to open, close, and monitor the garage door with ease. You’ll even get reminders from the Nexx mobile app if your garage door is open or if your appliances are turned on. 

Get the NX-100 Smart Garage Control & Smart Plug Bundle for $79.99 (reg. $99), a savings of 19%.

blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera

The blurams Dome Pro has numerous smart features to ensure your home or business is safe and secure. Some features include auto-cruise mode scans, automatic night vision, enhanced smart AI facial, sound, and motion detection, and more. Plus, you’ll get 360° coverage of any space so you can see exactly what goes on in your protected area. 

Get the blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera for $49.99 (reg $59), a savings of 16%.

EZ-PET Smart Programmable Automatic Feeder

Feeding your pet has never been easier thanks to the EZ-Pet Automatic Feeder. If you’re not going to make it home on time, or just want to set a strict feeding schedule for your dog or cat, this feeder will dispense dry food in amounts from 0.2oz to 5.3oz. The feeder also has a voice record and play function which you can use with the Made4Pets app. 

Get the EZ-Pet Smart Programmable Automatic Feeder for $79.99 (reg. $99), a savings of 20%.

Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer

Stinky fridges will be a thing of the past with this smart fridge deodorizer. It uses ozone and negative ion dual modes to kill 96.2% of bacteria and eliminate bad odors. Additionally, it doubles the shelf life of fruits and veggies and speeds up the degradation of potential pesticide residue. 

Get the Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer for $96.99 (reg. $119), a savings of 19%.

Hombli® Smart IR Remote Control

This smart remote control will turn your smartphone into a universal remote when you download the Hombli Smart Life App. It supports more than 80,000 IR-controlled devices such as your TV, STB, DVD, AC, Audio, PVR, and more. You’ll have complete control over your devices from anywhere.

Get the Hombli Smart IR Remote Control for $24.95 (reg. $39), a savings of 37%.

HomeDome Smart Outlet with Voice Control

With this HomeDome Smart Outlet, you can control your lighting, appliances, and other devices online with the mobile app. You can even control devices with your voice when you use your Alexa or Google Assistant. What’s more, you’ll be able to automate your home with a schedule, countdown, and anti-theft timers. 

Get the HomeDome Smart Outlet with Voice Control for $17.99 (reg. $49), a savings of 64%.

Bebcare iQ Wi-Fi HD Smart Baby Monitor

The Bebcare baby monitor will help provide peace of mind while your baby is sleeping in their crib. It has a 1080p HD camera, 360° pan-and-tilt compatibilities, and infrared night vision. Additionally, the iQ has a room-temperature sensor, white noise silencer, and two-way talk-back. 

Get the Bebcare iQ Wi-Fi HD Smart Baby Monitor for $258.99 (reg. $ 309), a savings of 16%.

Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller

Control your AC from anywhere with the Sensibo SKY. You can monitor the temperature and humidity of your home, turn it on or off automatically before you return home, and set 7-day scheduling, geofencing, and filter cleaning alerts. The SKY received a 4.2/5 star rating on Amazon. One satisfied customer says, “It works! I realized I forgot to turn off my AC after I left for vacation, and was able to turn it off remotely. Love it.”

Get the Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller for $98.95 (reg. $149), a savings of 33%.

SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater

This smart heater is a cost-effective and energy-saving way to control the heating in your home. It heats your living space with up to 30% less energy than traditional electric heaters. You can enjoy remote access functions, smart scheduling, smart zoning, and monitor your energy spending. Just download the companion app to start controlling your heat.

Get the SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater for $328 (reg. $410), a savings of 20%.

Ultraloq Combo Smart Lock & Key Fob

No more worrying about potentially losing your house key. The Ultraloq Combo offers easy yet safe entry into your home with biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or just by using your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Features include two-point locking, one-touch unlocking, single motion exit, smartphone control, and more. Ultraloq Combo was successfully funded on Indiegogo at $741,611 by 5,480 backers.

Get the Ultraloq Combo Smart Lock & Key Fob for $329.99 (reg. $369), a savings of 10%.

Neabot NoMo Hands-Free Robot Vacuum

This hands-free vacuum efficiently cleans your home with a 2,700Pa suction, two side brushes, multi-level vacuum modes, and deep carpet cleaning. With the Neabot Home App, you can adjust the cleaning settings, customize cleaning strategies, and monitor the cleaning status.

Get the Neabot NoMo Hands-Free Robot Vacuum for $499 (reg. $599), a savings of 16%.

blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera Outdoor System

Protect your home and family with the blurams outdoor pro security system. Features include smart integration with voice command to view the live stream, face recognition, siren and flashing alarms, and a IP65 weather resistance. 

Get the blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera Outdoor System for $59.99 (reg. $89), a savings of 33%.

Pebble Smart® Doggie Doorbell

Prevent scratched up doors and excessive barking when you train your dog to “ring” this doggie doorbell so you can take let him inside. It has a built-in treat holder for training purposes, and when your dog nudges the yellow push plate, the receiver or chime inside your house will be triggered.

Get the Pebble Smart® Doggie Doorbell for $25.99 (reg. $30), a savings of 13%.

Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC Controller

Control your AC by just using your phone, no matter where you are. With modes including Scheduling, Comfy, and Geofencing, you can set the AC to how you like it while saving money on future electricity bills. You can monitor the cleanliness level of the air filter, view a timeline of actions and usage history, and much more. 

Get the Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC Controller for $109.99 (reg. $149), a savings of 26%.

Arlo Audio Doorbell & Chime Bundle

With this bundle, you can answer your doorbell from anywhere in the house. When the button is pressed by a visitor, you’ll get a call to your smartphone so you can talk with visitors. With the smart chime, you’ll get instant chime alerts when someone presses the bell and you can adjust the volume, silent mode, and set different sounds.

Get the Arlo Audio Doorbell & Chime Bundle for $89.99 (reg. $129), a savings of 30%.

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