Smart home technology can be exciting and transformative when it works, and Google’s Nest has carved out quite the space for itself in the industry, but what about when it doesn’t work? You could try to contact them, but that could take more time and effort than necessary, especially if you get a representative who is less experienced. Luckily, you can just do it yourself (sort of) now that Google has launched interactive, step-by-step troubleshooting tools for Nest cameras and thermostats!

Each tool allows you to choose an issue you’re facing using simple, clean icons. Simply choose your device from the clearly marked images. Then, help Google identify which model you have with a series of questions in order to receive highly specific and branched solutions to pretty much any issue you may be having.

Nest Thermostat troubleshooter

By inputting the error code you’re receiving on your device or by clicking through whether you have a blinking light, etc., the troubleshooters spit out pretty well-written instructions and specifies many things that you may not have considered initially. For example, at one point in testing the tool, they recommended a few solutions regarding the Nest Thermostat temperature sensor and how it may malfunction if it’s taken from its normal environment and placed into a space that’s much hotter or colder than it’s previously learned about – something I’ve never really thought about!

If you’d like to try these tools out, you’ll need to be near your device, of course, as it asks you to perform troubleshooting steps. If the tool just isn’t doing it for you and you’re left without a viable solution at the end of your time with it, you can always contact a professional to come out and have a look.

Nest Thermostat Troubleshooter

Nest Camera Troubleshooter