We’re taking a closer look at the difference between the Amazon Echo line of speakers and the virtual assistant Alexa.

Amazon Echo Alexa

Smart homes are the future. A virtual assistant available at your beck and call seems like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, except it isn’t. The future is already here, and its name is Alexa. But why do we keep calling it Echo?

At the forefront of commercially available AI ecosystems is Amazon. Released in 2014, Amazon launched Echo, the first always-on, voice-controlled smart speaker. Alexa is the powerful artificial intelligence that powers it.

If you’re still confused, here’s a little more information for you.

What Is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo is the term often used to talk about the various devices manufactured by Amazon that are powered by Alexa. While commonly used to refer to the smart speakers, there are also versions with displays.

All of the devices feature built-in microphones that are ready for voice commands to Alexa. Every Echo device can work in any home with a stable Wi-Fi connection and will have Alexa free for life.

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Through the years, various companies have built their own smart speakers with Alexa technology. You can now also find Alexa in a huge stable of other devices like TVs, cars, fitness trackers, and more.

So what exactly is Alexa? And what can the virtual assistant do for you?

What is Alexa?

woman in bed talking to echo device

Amazon Alexa is the intelligent assistant that gives you a world of information with a single voice command. Always listening, you can wake up Alexa at any time and dictate your requests.

While most people use Alexa to access everything from music, weather, news, the assistant also has a wide variety of other interactive applications. Alexa can remind you of your schedule, order food for you, and even book flights.

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With Alexa skills, you make use of an ever-growing library knowledge and capabilities. You can even change Alexa’s name to something else if you desire.

Connected to the Amazon ecosystem, Alexa has the power to do a lot of things. However, the full potential of Alexa can definitely be revealed when used along with other smart home devices.

Get the Amazon Smart Home Experience

Alexa and Echo are the pillars of the Amazon smart home experience. With a combination of hardware and software, you can get the benefits of an on-call virtual assistant almost instantly.

While Amazon still has a long way to go, Alexa is becoming smarter every year and will eventually be capable of more complex features and commands. With this, Amazon Echo will always be a great line of products to start with when building your smart home.

Given enough time, Alexa will be able to understand what you need from the technology and help maximize them for your benefit. And to make use of Alexa and an Echo device, there are a number of great free skills you can use right now.

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