Tech companies continue to give the world home health products. Now, DveleIQ is giving consumers an entire healthy house.

On November 11, 2020, the San Diego-based housing technology company debuted DveleIQ, a whole-home solution built with artificial intelligence. Its goal is to promote the health of its occupants, the home, and the planet.

DveleIQ is engineered to be intuitive and learn the occupants’ habits over time. Coming home every day at 6:00 p.m. means the system will make the home comfortable for you by, for example, pumping in clean air.

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The company philosophy is to create homes that are better for the occupant’s overall health and well being, but also assisting in the care of the planet. The homes minimize waste and set a new standard for structural, environmental, and home performance without sacrificing personal style and aesthetics.

Delivering Healthier Homes

“We set out to build the healthiest homes in the world for our occupants and the planet,” said Kurt Goodjohn, founder and CEO of Dvele. “We’ve found that through software and embedded intelligence, not only can we deliver healthier homes today, but they will continue to evolve and improve tomorrow. What this means for our owners, is that they will have a home that is more enjoyable, healthier and more valuable in time.” DveleIQ Sedgemoore Home interior

Each of their newly manufactured homes will be equipped with DveleIQ. According to the company, as the house learns with its occupants, the new technology will further their goal of greater occupant health and building efficiency.

A generous portion of the environmental impact of a building is due to the durability of the structure. The company’s homes have more than 300 real-time sensors. They can communicate preemptive maintenance to guarantee durability and home health to the owners.

Stress-Free Living with DveleIQ

DveleIQ even provides “ultimate health-promotion and stress-free living” with automated environmental quality. Dvele’s website claims occupants need not worry about mold, poor indoor air quality, circulation, or insufficient air.

They entice the healthy home obsessed with concepts like the home knowing when to circulate fresh air or anticipating an occupant’s arrival.

The company states that it has made the learning curve as simple as possible, while still respecting the advanced technology of the home. The home will be intricate, but still able to adapt to any occupant’s lifestyle.

Dvele’s website has an option to customize the future home by starting from scratch or fully imposing a new, personal design.

“When we evaluated the market looking for a smart home partner, nothing aligned to our core tenets of occupant and planet health, so we decided to move the industry forward and build the first 100-percent integrated, intelligent, software-defined home, complementing our self-powered home product,” said Matt Howland, president of Dvele.

The future of the self-powered, artificially intelligent healthy home begins now.

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