HONG KONG, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MOMAX, a renowned consumer electronics brand, and Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (“HKBN”) announced today a long-term collaboration in which MOMAX will join HKBN’s Smart Home Ecosystem. This exciting development means HKBN customers can control their MOMAX Smart Home products through the HKBN Home App, and it paves the way for future joint development of smart products that deliver smarter usability and convenience for customers.


Built on the concept that “smart living has never been easier”, HKBN’s Smart Home Ecosystem delivers hassle-free, one-stop smart living with enhanced compatibility across a growing range of appliances and IoT products from multiple brands, plus 24/7 remote support and diagnosis. By using just one mobile app, HKBN Home users can add smart features to their everyday home appliances, and gain control anywhere, anytime with options such as remote power on/off, Cantonese voice controls, intelligent temperature control, and more.

Sold in over 50 countries and regions worldwide, MOMAX’s award-winning, stylishly designed mobile accessories have achieved sales reaching 100 million units to date, and 400,000 smart products over the past two years. The MOMAX-HKBN collaboration will offer HKBN customers a broader range of smart products to choose from, making it easier to personalise their smart households.

John Cheng, CEO of MOMAX Hong Kong, said, “MOMAX has always prided itself on service excellence and brand integrity. We’ll continue to uphold our philosophy of ‘Quality First, Customer Foremost’ and expand our range of smart household products that marry form and function and add conveniences to modern-day lifestyles. By pursuing quality of life today, we hope to realise our vision for a better future.”

Elinor Siu, Co-Owner and CEO – Residential Solutions of HKBN, said, “HKBN continues to push the smart home revolution by making user experiences as simple and intuitive as possible. Our collaboration with MOMAX and other brands further strengthens the universality of our one-stop smart home ecosystem, to bring game-changing smart living for the benefit of everyday consumers.”

In the first phase of this collaboration, two MOMAX smart home products will launch: MOMAX Ultra-Air Plus IoT UV Hot & Cool Purifying Fan and Trio-Cleanse IoT UV-C Vacuum Robot. Both products are equipped with UV-C light for up to 99.9% effectiveness in bacteria elimination*, and will be exclusively available at HKBN and Pricerite during the initial launch phase. More products are planned to roll out later. Starting today, HKBN existing customers can purchase MOMAX products from myHKBNmall. In addition, a new HKBN Home service plan will be introduced to allow users to purchase smart appliances with HKBN Home App via monthly instalments and enjoy extended warranty coverage of 24 months.

HKBN Home New Service Plan

New MOMAX smart home products with HKBN Home App features

monthly fee

Contract period

MOMAX Ultra-Air Plus IoT UV Hot & Cool Purifying Fan (AP7S)


–  Built-in UV-C Light kills 99.9%* bacteria in air

–  H13 HEPA Filter removes PM2.5 fine particles, pollen, dust mites, aerosols, and allergens

–  Smart Thermostat keeps indoor temperatures cosy while saving energy


24 months^

Trio-Cleanse IoT UV-C Vacuum Robot



–  UV-C Light eliminates 99.9%* bacteria commonly found on floor surfaces

–  Wet mopping for deep cleaning when used with floor detergent

–  Silent mode for non-disruptive, any-time use


24 months^

^ Terms and Conditions apply
* Tested by The Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC) for effective sterilisation of 99.99% of bacteria.


MOMAX is a leading worldwide consumer electronics brand that focuses on creating innovative solutions for mobile device users. Their philosophy is “Quality First, Customer Foremost” and they are noted for their commitment to customer service and brand integrity. Their creative inspiration is “Chic Intelligence”, a concept that combines fashion, style and user-friendly technology that adds function and convenience to modern lives.

MOMAX SMART APPS: https://youtu.be/6Bey7uKgp5o

For more details, please visit https://www.momax.net/ 

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