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Jayman has always been known for innovation, bringing environmental housing program BuiltGreen first to Alberta, then to Canada; donating $5 million to establish the U of C’s Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies; and bringing together 10 homebuilding leaders donating $1 million each to construct SAIT’s trades and technology complex.

In 2020, the company included solar panels and garage car-charging stations as standards in new single-family homes; added Smart home technology and completed the massive lakeshore Westman Village in Mahogany (ignoring “naysayers” who maintained it couldn’t be done.)

For Westman, who’s expanded to build hotels and restaurants, turning vision into reality has never been an issue.

“In life’s journey, when so many things are out of our control, I believe in doing what I said I’d do, when I said I would do it.”

And while driven to succeed, he says resiliency and a sense of urgency gets him there.

For 2021, Westman is planning next-generation healthy homebuilding and next-generation business itself.

Philanthropy, he says, is just part of good citizenship.

“It’s the way my dad brought me up. Your word is your bond and you give back.”