LG announced the debut of a new OLED TV, and it’s transparent

LG is paving the path of technological innovation into televisions once more, this time with its Transparent OLED TV.

If anything, 2020 was a rollercoaster ride that never seemed to end — and to be fair, it probably won’t be ending anytime soon. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced many industries into innovating themselves to better prepare for the future. The tech industry was definitely one that took up the challenge and LG is one of the frontrunners.

LG Transparent OLED
The LG Transparent OLED displays can very well be used in sushi bars in the future.

This comes ahead of the upcoming CES 2021 expo where LG will showcase its entire range in a myriad of ways. This includes the transportation, food service, and smart home industry. Given that CES 2021 will be fully digital, LG will be hosting an online showroom with multiple zones showcasing how its displays can be applied to multiple uses.

One way this can be applied to smart home technology is via a retractable feature from the foot of your bed. This is part of LG’s ‘Smart Bed’ concept that houses a 55-inch OLED display. Another section will feature LG’s ‘Restaurant Zone’, which will showcase how the brand’s transparent OLED displays can be used in the foodservice industry i.e. sushi bar. Said transparent display can be used in two practical ways — it can act as both a digital menu and a partition.

LG Transparent OLED
It can also be used in the transportation industry, like in subway trains.

Lastly, it’s LG’s ‘Metro Zone’. Here, you’ll spot how LG has managed to put its 55-inch transparent OLED displays to full use. It could replace the traditional windows that we know from subway trains. This could act as both a window as well as a display screen, which can showcase important information like the news broadcasts, weather information, and much more.

As we near the start of CES 2021 from 11th to 14th January, LG is already making itself known in the scene to set the standards for the rest of the year.

(All images: LG)

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